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Automatic Gates Wilmette Illinois

Add additional security features to your home with the help of an automatic gate system! There are several different colors and styles that you can choose from to match the overall look of your home. Automatic gates are reliable, durable and affordable. If you are thinking about adding an automatic gate to your home in Wilmette, Illinois, contact Pro Entry Systems. For over 40 years we have been serving the North Shore area. We specialize in providing solutions for both residential and commercial clients. No automatic gate job is too big or too small for our team of highly trained technicians.

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    Pro Entry Systems, Inc.

    Call the professionals at Pro Entry Systems to discuss how an automatic gate system could work for you. Our professionals, with over 40 years of experience can help you decide on the best gate for your home and make sure it has all the features you need to keep your property secure and protected. For any further questions on automatic gate operators call us at 847-906-8643.

    DoorKing Automatic Gate Operators

    This type of system is built for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. It’s convenient, tried-and-true, and functions safely in small, compact designs. It has an advanced fail-safe design which helps prevent the risk of injury.  Free Quotes Available.

    • Swing Gate Operator
    • Swing Gate Actuator
    • Barrier Gate Operator
    • Slide Gate Operator

    HySecurity Hydraulic Gate Operators

    The HySecurity Hydraulic Gate system is built to have a unique UPS* battery backup power gate. This is advantageous because it maintains normal operation for hours, even in the event of a power loss. They’re highly reliable, smart touch compatible, solar-powered, and quiet during operation. This system is a great solution for homes in gated communities.

    • Residential Slide Gate Operator
    • Commercial Slide Gate Operator 

    Linear/OSCO Automatic Gate Operators

    The Linear/OSCO Automatic Gate Operator system is built for durability, smooth performance, and reliability. This type of system used for residential, commercial, and industrial services. Linear Operators also put you in access control, radio control, and provided control of garage door operators.

    • Swing Gate Systems
    • Barrier Gate Systems
    • Telephone Entry
    • Slide Gate Systems

    Benefits of Automatic Gate Installation in Wilmette

    Add an automatic gate system to your home or business today! An automatic gate will not only keep your home or business safe but enhance the look of your property. Adding an automatic gate to your home can leave you with many new benefits. They can help provide extra security, as mentioned above. They can also add extra privacy, convenience, and are cost-effective. Automatic gates last many years and you won’t have to worry about getting a new one every other year like other household appliances. Below is a list of benefits that you might not have thought about when determining whether or not you should add an automatic gate to your property.

    1. Security- automatic gates allow extra security because they allow you to control who can enter and exit your home. It also lets you create boundaries for your pets and children and keep then safe from traffic or strangers.
    2. Convenience- automatic gates are extremely convenient because you do not have to get out of your vehicle to open them. With automatic gates, you can open them with a remote, card readers and keypads. This is also helpful if you are driving home from bad weather conditions.
    3. Keep unauthorized vehicles away- automatic gates keep unwanted vehicles, guests, and animals out of your driveway and property. You can keep out pests roaming the neighborhood at night and not have to worry about them destroying your home or property.
    4. Privacy- keeping your home and property private and safe is important to most homeowners. With an automatic gate you are able to keep your Buffalo Grove residence safe from unknown outsiders and control access to who is allowed to enter and exit.
    5. Enhance home appearance- an automatic gate is a great way to enhance the look of your home in Buffalo Grove. It gives your home a new and unique look. You can choose from many different styles.
    6. Cost-effective- Automatic gates are affordable! If you inform your insurance you might be able to get a discount because you are adding extra protection to your home. Another great thing about automatic gates is that they can help increase your homes value because it’s a great bonus feature!

    Advantages of Automatic Gates for Commercial Property

    Every business wants to keep their property secure. Commercial businesses in Buffalo Grove have several options when it comes to adding automatic gates to protect their property. At Pro Entry Systems, Inc. we provide different styles and design options at affordable prices that are made for commercial businesses.

    • Security- the need for security is essential when running a business. Automatic gates can help keep your business protected. We have various access control systems such as: keypads, keycards and more to give you everything you need to keep your business protected. These security features can control who has access to enter and exit the premises.
    • Password Protected- having your commercial business’ entrance password protected will protect the overall property of your business. You can keep outsiders out who do not belong.
    • Long Lasting- having to update certain features with your property is not always ideal. With automatic gates, you do not need to get a new one every few years or so because they can last for many years to come!
    • Convenience- automatic gates allow you to open the gate from your vehicle when exiting and entering. This is great when it is storming and you have access to open it from the comfort of your own car.


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