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Access Control Systems Barrington

Access Control systems make it easier to enter and exit securely from your residential home or commercial business in Barrington Illinois. Our team ensures that you understand how to confidently use your access control products. We offer: keypads, proximity readers, access control remote operation and SmartLock. 

  • Keypads- provides access control for virtually any application where stand-alone digital code entry is desired. Our “1504” series adds an intercom that can be connected to a master intercom system.
  • Proximity Reader- this card reader allows users with a single door access control system in a small compact package. 
  • Access Control Remote System- provides the highest level of security with RF access controls. The transmitter codes cannot be copied or duplicated.
  • PC Programmable Access Control- perfect for small businesses, offices, factories, industrial sites, apartment buildings or any building that requires access control capabilities. 
  • SmartLock- this is a stand-alone system with audit trail. It is easy to use and cost-effective.
Access Control Systems Barrington
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Don’t see your product listed here? Don’t worry! We service perimeter access systems in Barrington as well. 

Automatic Gate Operators

Our team is available for all residential and commercial gate opener installations including those from; Door King, Liftmaster & more

Access Control Systems

Access Control systems make it easier to enter and exit securely from your residential home or commercial business.

Wireless Communication

Wireless voice communication allows easy communication with visitors and remote control access of gates form a portable or base station radio. 

Repair Service & Maintenance Agreements

Our team is available for all your access control and gate repair needs. We also offer Maintenance Agreements that help you prevent downtime with regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance. 


Adding access control systems to your automatic gate is highly recommended. If safety and security is your number one priority than contact Pro Entry Systems. We have been helping residents in Barrington for  over 40 years. It is our goal to help you find a product that you love and make you feel comfortable in your own home or business. With some of our access control products, you will have control over who is allowed to enter your property. With this ability you can keep children in your yard safe from strangers or traffic. Below are a few main reasons why you should have an access control system installed in your home or business. We have also provided a few types of products we offer at Pro Entry Systems.

Benefits of Access Control Systems:

  1. Protect equipment – If your business is locked up for the day/night, you will not have to worry about someone using, stealing or breaking any equipment.
  2. Prevent disruptions – You won’t have anyone trying to sell you something or loiter around on your property.
  3. Protect your family or employees – Having an access control security system will keep out unwanted guests, keeping your family or employees safe.
  4. Protect your belongings – You don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your home because it will be locked and secured form your automatic gate and access control system.
  5. Prevent unwanted intrusions – With the combination of an automatic gate system and an access control system it will be easy to prevent intrusions.
  6. Easy to control, monitor and access- You can control, monitor and access your home or business wherever you are!
  7. Protect your businesses property – You don’t have to worry about your property being damaged or anything when you have access to the entrance.

Access Control Products:

  1. Proximity Reader – This is a card reader that will allow users to each have a card to enter your residential or commercial property. With this control system they can swipe their cards and the automatic gate will open.
  2. SmartLock- A SmartLock is an automatic lock designed to lock and unlock with a code. It can be unlocked wireless and with a key code.
  3. Access Control Remote System- This remote is one of the highest levels of security because the transmitter codes cannot be copied or duplicated. This is a great way to keep unwanted visitors out in Barrington.
  4. Keypads- Keypads are stand alone digital code entry systems that can be used for a home or business in the Barrington area. We also offer keypads that have an intercom system.
  5. PC Programmable Access Control- The PC Programmable system is great for small businesses who want a little bit of access control capabilities.


At Pro Entry Systems Inc. we understand the need for automatic gates and access control systems. Our aim is to keep you and your property safe. With our access control systems we can do just that. Contact us to discuss what kind of products you are looking for and we can help you determine which product fits your needs best. After you choose what access control systems you want, our team will install them and make sure they work properly.