Unique Products

Pro Entry Systems also carries some unique products to provide all the capabilities you’ll need for fast access to door control solutions for virtually any application. Doortronics Systems, Inc. is able to customize products to get any system right for your specific needs. Doortronics has a reputation for high quality, speed, technology, and customer responsiveness. They also have the capabilities to provide fast access control solutions for almost any application. Doortronics is fast paced and will continually grow and change with your company.  

Doortronics Speciality Products:

  • Magnetic Locks- provide safe and reliable access control for any door
  • Delayed Egress- audible alarm sounds for emergency fire exits and doors
  • Door Prop Alarms- sounds an alarm if the door is not resecured
  • Annunciator/Controller- allows remote monitoring and control of doors from a centralized location
  • Exit Controls/Exit Bar- wide variety of actuator controls for REX and emergencies and push plate switch controls.
  • Access Controls- touch sensitive keypads that can be used indoor and outdoor. 
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