Automatic Gate Operators

DoorKing Automatic Gate Operators

Designed for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. They offer convenience, reliability, and safe operation in a small, compact design. It has an innovative fail-safe design to reduce the chance of injury.  

  • Swing Gate Operator
  • Slide Gate Operator
  • Swing Gate Actuator
  • Barrier Gate Operator
  • Telephone Entry

HySecurity Hydraulic Gate Operators

Designed to have a unique UPS* battery backup to allow access gates to operate normally hours after power loss. They are extremely reliable, smart touch compatible, solar powered, and ultra quiet, making it great for gated communities.

  • Residential Slide Gate Operator
  • Commercial Slide Gate Operator 

Linear/OSCO Automatic Gate Operators

Designed for durability, smooth performance and reliability. They are used for residential, commercial and industrial services. Linear Operators put you in access control, radio control and in control of garage door operators too.

  • Swing Gate Systems
  • Slide Gate Systems
  • Barrier Gate Systems
  • Telephone Entry


The top choice for commercial slide gate operators in the industry. They are perfect for residential gated communities and custom home builders. They are designed for smooth performance, strength and reliability.

  • Linear Gate Operator

Byan Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators

The leading innovator in the field of linear hydraulic swing gate operators. These automatic gates are used for residential and commercial properties. Byan Hydraulic Swing Gates are known for their security, safety, and reliability. 

Advance Low Voltage Powered Gate Operators

Great for residential, commercial and industrial applications. These are designed for reliability, safety, performance and accessibility. 

SafeGlide® Aluminum Slide Gate

The SafeGlide® is designed for safe, secure and easy operation in industrial, commercial and residential applications. It offers: durable construction, look of steel with the lighter-weight, manual or automatic operation, and has customization services available. It also has weather control applications.